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The Young King 10 - 14 Oct 2018

Story by Oscar Wilde. Adapted for the stage by Nicki Bloom.

What kind of King would you be?

A naïve boy raised by goatherds is discovered to be heir to the kingdom. Treasures and privileges are laid at his feet, but at what cost to others?

The achingly beautiful and tender language of Oscar Wilde joins the intimate and magical world of internationally acclaimed Adelaide theatre company, Slingsby, who enthralled Dublin audiences with The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy in the 2014 Theatre for Children Season.

Journey in wonder, to a land of challenging choices and rich rewards.

Part of the Theatre for Children season in Dublin Theatre Festival 2018

Curricular Links...

Attending and reflecting on theatre performances with your class will explore many of the key strands of the Drama and English curricula, particularly in relation to: examining the relationship between story, theme and life experience; using insights arising out of dramatic action to draw conclusions about life and people; receptiveness to language; competence and confidence in using language; emotional and imaginative development through language; reflection on drama and listening and responding.