We Come From Far Far Away
12 Oct - 15 Oct 2017
We Come From Far Far Away
We Come From Far Far Away

Inside the theatre is a big tent. Inside the big tent is a smaller tent. Inside this smaller tent is a boy.

He is called Abdullah, and he comes from Syria. He wants to tell you some things, about life, about boats, about tents and trains and phones and McDonalds and about Death. He also has a secret, about promises made and promises broken.

Inspired by true stories and performed in a traditional Mongolian Yurt, this show uses storytelling, shadow puppetry, comedy, clowning and live music to tell a big story in an intimate way.

We Come from Far, Far Away, is a theatre production based on stories from youth at Hvalstad Transittmottak – a reception centre for young refugees in a suburb of Oslo. The material for the performance is documentary and was shared with NIE through talks and workshops. The participants’ stories are troublesome and unbelievable, but as with most young people, they are filled with energy, life force and hope for the future.

Part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

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Attending and reflecting on theatre performances with your class will explore many of the key strands of the Drama and English curricula, particularly in relation to: examining the relationship between story, theme and life experience; using insights arising out of dramatic action to draw conclusions about life and people; receptiveness to language; competence and confidence in using language; emotional and imaginative development through language; reflection on drama and listening and responding.

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