Live Stream: What Did I Miss? 11 - 13 Jun 2021

Streaming live from The Ark in Dublin directly to homes and schools across the country, this new show by The Ark Artist in Residence, Shaun Dunne, offers a window into children’s experience of the pandemic and the milestones they’ve missed along the way.

Kyla is throwing a party on her street. Not just any party. It’s a graduation ceremony. It’ll be mad to see the kids from her old class again after so long. Summer 2020 was literally endless.

Now that they’re all in first year, Kyla wants to get the old gang back together. She’s made caps, she has gowns, and she’s even prepared a speech. But there’s one visitor she’s not expecting…

Developed swiftly and informed by ongoing collaborative work with The Ark’s Children’s Council, What Did I Miss? is a celebration of rites of passage, exploring how we reconnect as we adapt to a new way of life. As we reach the end of a second disrupted school year and a new class graduates from primary school, Kyla’s story will resonate with even more children as they see a young character create her own new rituals of graduation.

Joining Sarah Morris in the cast, The Ark is excited to introduce newcomer and former Children’s Council member Naomi Moonveld-Nkosi as Kyla, a capable and determined girl who discovers she’s not the only one attempting to bridge the divides left by lockdown.

This free show will be live streamed as part of Brightening Air and accompanied by a national engagement project reaching out to children in primary schools across the country to deliver a unique child-authored snapshot of their experience of life during the pandemic. In addition to the classes participating in the workshop programme, schools across Ireland are invited to take part and contribute to the project using The Ark’s bespoke activity pack, available at from 17 May 2021.