What Will You Say? Mid-Term Music Workshops 2 - 4 Nov 2023

Join Choice Music Prize-nominated artists Elaine Mai and MayKay for an exciting songwriting workshop where children aged 8+ will compose their own lyrics to capture what they think about their rights and the issues that are most important to them.

Earlier this year as part of The Ark's Right Here Right Now! Festival of Children, we asked electronic musician Elaine Mai and singer/songwriting MayKay (Fight Like Apes) to write a new song using children's own thoughts and words about their rights as its foundation. The resulting song, What Will You Say? is a powerful rally cry for children's rights inspired by children around the country.

This mid-term break, Elaine and MayKay will return to The Ark so that even more children can have their voices heard by writing and recording new lyrics for the song, What Will You Say?, about the things that matter to them.

There'll be music-making, songwriting, singing, beat-making and more!

Listen to What Will You Say?

What Will You Say? was commissioned by The Ark for the Right Here Right Now Rally 2023.

Pictured: MayKay and Elaine Mai performing What Will You Say? live at the Right Here Right Now Rally in February 2023. Photo by Mark Stedman