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Workshop: Make Your Own X’s and O’s! 20 - 27 Apr 2019

People all around the world have been playing X’s and O’s (also known as noughts and crosses or Tic Tac Toe) for thousands of years. Now it’s your turn to add your own unique, creative spin on this well-known game.

Working with ceramicist Maeve Sookram, you will invent your own clay game pieces and make a unique game board using mixed media. Maybe you will create a game of monsters vs heroes, ladybird’s vs spiders or suns vs moons! This fun filled workshop is for every child who likes to work with clay and loves board games.

The workshop will finish by playing a few games on our newly created game boards where you can put your artwork to the test!

We suggest you arrive a little early and visit the Game Plan exhibition to inspire you in making your every own board game.