Children's Council Blog: Lights, Camera, Lego, Action!

Wondering what our Children's Council have been getting up to? Well, recently our Children's Council explored the world of stop motion animation with Create School and created their own mini-movies! Find out how they got on in the latest Children's Council blog.

Have you ever wanted to become a film maker or do you love creating stories and building characters? Our Children's Council explored the stop motion animation universe through the use of Lego during a workshop with the fantastic Dave from Create School. Isla, a member of our Children's Council has written a blog to update us on what happened and what they learned. Have a read of it below and you might even be inspired to make your own mini-movie...Lights, Camera, Lego, Action!

Isla's Blog Post

In November, we had an Ark’s Children's Council meeting.

The meeting was about making your own stop motion films. It was on Zoom because of Covid-19.

The first thing we did was get introduced by Mollie to a person called Dave. He runs a place called In the background Dave had loads of Lego posters.

Then we got out a Lego baseplate and made a stand so our phone or i-Pad didn’t move. And if the phone or i-Pad moved, the whole background wobbled.

We used an App called Stop Motion Studio that we had downloaded before. Dave told us how to get set up. Then we made our Lego figures move and walk around. We made our Lego figures walk by moving one leg, and moving the arms while taking photos.

Then we showed our animation videos to each other. When we played the videos it looked like they were moving on their own, and they looked like moving pictures.

After we got them to move, we made little stories. We used Blue Tack to make the figures being sucked up by portals and to make the Lego figures do cool stunts.

The workshop ended but the film making didn’t. It was really fun and I am glad that I could take part in the workshop.

Take a look at one of the mini-movies

Indeever has created this fantastic lego movie! Here is what he has to say about it...

"In this movie there is a lego man going towards an orange GIANT! The orange giant comes closer and closer to it and EATS the lego man!! Hope you will all like it"