Meet our BIG BANG Festival Ambassadors!

Meet some of the BIG BANG Festival Ambassadors responsible for the creation of our BIG BANG Banter: Children's Podcast.

Our BIG BANG Festival Ambassadors are a group of children between the ages of 10 and 12 who are the eyes and ears of our BIG BANG festival of adventurous music for children every year. They advise us on the festival programme, interview artists, talk to audiences and introduce shows. This year, they’ve been learning the ropes of podcast creation with the help of the team at Createschool and made our very first podcast by and for children - BIG BANG Banter!

Below you can meet some of the fantastic children involved and hear how they got on with their fun new podcast project...

"I enjoyed making the podcast, I especially liked when we were interviewing people because I got to learn new things about them and their reasons for what they a re doing. It was also really fun!"

"Learning to make a the BIG BANG Podcast was so fun!!! I loved creating the content and mapping out what I wanted to say. I was given a voice to share things that I love with others on my Podcast which I entitled "High Five". The technology on Bandlab was so easy to use. It was surreal and empowering to hear my voice back. Choosing the music and sound to my podcast was so exciting. I now know the components of podcast making. The leaders were so friendly, funny and very helpful! I can't wait to do more."

Conor loved making the big bang podcast especially the interview because he found it interesting to ask questions to a musician to understand what type music she likes. He found making his own podcast and being able to edit it with music and speech lots of fun and a lot easier than he thought it would be. He plans on making his own history podcasts in the future.

"It was really enjoyable working together to learn how to use the app. It was also very interesting in deciding on what questions that we would ask during the interviews. It shows the importance of being prepared and knowing about the subject."

"I really liked playing around with the music and getting to use the Bandlab app. It was great to see everyone, even if it was just over Zoom. I enjoyed doing the interviews and it was a nice way to pass the time. I hope that the podcasts are a success, and I hope to see you all again soon!"

“The BIG BANG was brilliant and I met loads of amazing people on Zoom - artists and musicians who talked about their work. I learned so much and it was great fun!"

"Thanks so much for letting me help with the BIG BANG music festival and give my suggestions for the Podcast. It was fun to talk to the music creators and ask them questions. It was also fun to see everyone."

"I really enjoyed adding my own music to my podcast, it was a really fun experience. I am still making podcasts and loving it. Thank you."

Find out more about the BIG BANG Banter: Children's Podcast here.