National Callout: SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT!

As part of The Ark's Right Here Right Now! Festival of Children, we are calling on all children of Ireland to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT by telling us what they think about their rights and what's on their minds!

Calling All Children of Ireland

Celebrating children’s rights, Right Here Right Now! is a festival made for by and about children. On Friday 23 February, will be holding a raucous rally with children in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar and you are invited to contribute!

There’ll be speeches and banners, flags and songs! It will be a colourful celebration of children’s rights: the right to play, to engage in cultural activities and the right to be heard.

But first we need to know, what is on your mind?
What do you have to say about the world that we live in?
Do you think that grown-ups should think more about children?
What gets your goat, makes you think or makes you sad,
What would you change, make something good from something bad.
If you could change anything what would it be,
From your schools, your homes, the future or sustainability.
Do you know you have a right to experience culture and art?
Well there you go, now you know, I guess it’s time to start
To know your rights and even then, to have your opinions heard,
So get in touch, tell us your thoughts, nothing is absurd!

Now is the time for children to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT – to tell us what is on their mind, on their terms. Send us your response by post or by filling in the online form below.

If you are having trouble viewing the form, please click here.

Get in touch before 01 December – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Check out the Callout video here