The Ark Club: Getting Your Eye Into Nature

We recently completed our Ark Club workshop programme Getting Your Eye Into Nature, funded by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature. The Ark Club, led by artist Luke Casserly provided the opportunity for children to participate in creative writing focused workshops, resulting in a poster highlighting the fruits of their literary explorations.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we handed the microphone over to nature to hear what it might have to say?

Over a six day-long workshops, artist Luke Casserly, gave the opportunity to a group of children to give a voice to our natural environment, through creative writing and storytelling.

The children created a tapestry of material which unearths new and unexpected viewpoints on nature. Together, they walked through an imagined forest, listened to the sound of rain, and held soil in the palm of their hands.

The Ark Club members group explored the art of storytelling and the written word through these live online workshops and at the end of the sessions, Kate Escolin, led by the groups ideas, designed a poster containing the children’s writing from the workshops.

Take a look at this beautiful poster below, you might even be inspired to explore creative writing yourself!

Click here to get a closer look or to download