20,000 Winters

Gabhann Dunne

Oil on board

Irish Hare 13 x 18cm
Wolf 24 x 30cm
Fox 10 x 15cm
Hyena 15 x 20cm
Mammoth 13 x 18cm
The Irish Elk 18 x 24cm
Eurasian Lynx 24 x 30cm
Stoat 15 x 20cm

Gabhann Dunne Headshot600

About Gabhann Dunne

Gabhann Dunne is a painter and visual artist from Kildare, now based in Dublin. Gabhann has always had a deep interest in nature since he was a child, when his grandfather would take him to search for wildflowers and insects or rock pooling on the Pollock Holes of Kilkee. Gabhann attended art college thinking he would study sculpture but instead discovered a deep love of painting. Though he felt he was not naturally gifted at painting, he developed his painting skills by studying old master paintings and discussing techniques with friends.

 In 2009-2010, Gabhann completed a masters in NCAD where he became interested in how animals, plants and landscape give us a sense belonging.  He has exhibited in multiple shows around the country including ‘Crossing the Salt’ at Limerick Gallery of Art. He has two children and some very old cats.