From The Ark's Children's Council

Although The Ark's Children's Council can no longer visit us at The Ark under current restrictions, they are still very much engaged with The Ark's work and we will be staying in touch with them regularly over the coming weeks.

On this page you'll find weekly updates from the Council in the form of blogs, videos and their ideas on how to stay occupied and be creative while at home. Stay tuned for the latest from The Ark's Children's Council below...

26 April - At-Home Fun with Olga

Are you on Instagram? If so, follow us @TheArkDublin, where Children's Council member Olga will be sharing her ideas for how to pass the the time during lockdown on our InstaStories on Sunday 26 April, and reminding us to embrace fun and silliness even during this difficult period.

19 April - Lily-Rose's favourite pastimes

Council member Lily-Rose shows us how she has been staying busy and creative at home, through activities like drawing, trampolining and playing her flute.

12 April - Maebh's Drills

Looking for ideas of how to keep active during the lockdown? Maebh shows us how she's keeping up her Hurling and Gaelic skills even though her training has been cancelled. Why not try out some of these drills yourself at home?!