Beats and Rhythms from Around the World - At-Home Activities

Take a trip around the world through rhythm! Learn all about drumming and rhythmic music styles from around the world with these at-home activities.

In part 1, begin by exploring simple rhythms, which are commonly used in Irish traditional music, as well as finding our more about our national drum, the bodhrán!

In part 2, discover rhythms from West Africa and Jamaica, while in part 3 learn about samba music from Brazil and the Darbuka drum commonly played in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for more activities coming soon to explore West African drumming and how it has influenced much of the music we hear today, or discover the music of South America, the Caribbean and India, all from your own home!

Or, to see some incredible drumming in actions, watch our exciting 2004 concert The Elements, streaming live until Wednesday 13 May at midnight. The show gives children aged 5+ the opportunity to experience the power of the elements on a journey through world percussion. Find out more and watch online here.

These activities are taken from our Beats & Rhythms Around The World full Classroom Activity Pack written by percussionist Robbie Harris. If you'd like more, you can download the full pack here.