Children's Council 2021/23

Now in its fifth year, The Ark Children’s Council 2021/22 is bigger than ever with 38 children from Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Our fifth Children's Council met for the first time on the 13 November. With 38 members, our Council is the biggest it has ever been.

Our first session was a day of ice-breakers, warm ups and name games hosted by Shaun Dunne, our artist in residence. As well as getting to know The Ark and one another, the new Council drew up their guidelines on our process for the year ahead.

On 20 November, Universal Children’s Day 2021, the Council launched a call out to all of the Children in Ireland asking them when do they feel heard and how they feel about giving their opinions. The response to this callout will form the basis of a new Child Voice Charter created by the Children’s Council. The Charter be an important set of guidelines that will help us make sure that your voice is integrated into every aspect of our decision making at The Ark.

There are so many exciting projects and activities planned for our Children's Council in the coming months and we are delighted to have their brilliant ideas and inspiration here in The Ark.

This group were due to complete their term in June 2022, but as our engagement with them was disrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are delighted to extend their time as members of The Children's Council for a further year, to June 2023.

The next public recruitment process for The Ark Children's Council will take place in August 2023.