Fly Me To The Moon

Subject areas: Visual Art & Science
In February 2020, The Ark's Fly Me To The Moon visual art programme aimed to encourage the exploration of our universe as a way of sparking children's imagination and inspiring them to create art. For Junior Infants - 6th Class.

Created by artist Jole Bortoli, the accompanying classroom activity pack contains a series of simple exercises to get students thinking about the sky, the stars and the planets in our solar system and how they might represent them visually. It also contains a section on vocabulary, which will introduce children to some terminology relating to space, celestial bodies and the night sky.

Our Fly Me To The Moon activity sheets contain a series of visual art exercises for each of the planets in our solar system, the sun and the stars.

The Ark @ Home

If you prefer, as part of The Ark @ Home, we have also adapted these activity sheets for home use, which may be simpler for children to engage with on their own or with family members in their homes. Find out more here.