Jack Frost

Orla Kaminska

Porcelain, wire
DIMENSIONS: 150 x 20cm

Orla Kaminska Headshot 600

About Orla Kaminska

Orla has worked as a professional ceramic artist since graduating from National College of Art & design in 1987. Ceramics have always motivated her, and through experimentation in the world of the ‘familiar’, she combines her ceramics with other materials like metal, glass and stone to create interesting textural outcomes in both her studio art and architectural work.

Her site specific architectural ceramics and mosaic artworks are embedded in the civic-minded aspects of the pieces. Functionality of form is an important element to her creations where the artwork is not purely a piece for passive viewing, but an interactive experience that involves the whole community and where the viewer engages.

Jack Frost was inspired by the autumnal and winter cycles of plant forms, with themes of decomposition and erosion expressed by combining fine wire and porcelain, creating mythical, translucent and fragile structures.