Virtual Installation: Love Song

Sadly our BIG BANG Dublin! festival had to be cancelled, so we're creating an online version of our Love Song installation and are asking children aged 6+ to record their own "love songs" at home to be a part of it!

The Love Song installation is a project by Belgian composer Serge Verstock, but the main participants are 200 heart-shaped recording devices, on which Irish children recorded their own "love songs" in the form of a song, their favourite sound or in some other playful way. It’s an auditory encyclopaedia of love!

We were going to display the Love Song installation as part of our BIG BANG Dublin! 2020 festival this April. Sadly, the festival had to be cancelled, so instead we have invited children to make their own love songs to become part of the virtual Love Song installation.

To see the names of the children that submitted these love songs, simply hover over the text at the top of each one.

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Create Your Own Love Song At Home

Submissions for the Love Song Virtual Installation are now closed, but children can still have fun creating their own "love songs" at home.

It’s fun and easy to do.

  1. Firstly, download this worksheet which gives you simple instructions of how to go about coming up with your own short Love Song.
  2. Love Songs can be about your favourite place, colour, pet, food, activity, person or it could simply be your favourite sound. If you play an instrument you could record that as your Love Song. We know you’ll probably have lots of ideas, but try to keep your Love Song short – about 20 to 30 seconds is plenty.
  3. If you like, ask a grown up to help you record your Love Song as an audio file on their phone. Then have fun listening to your own recording and, if you want to, share it with your family and friends.

When everything gets back to normal, we hope to be able to invite you to visit us in The Ark and record your Love Song onto one of the heart-shaped devices too so that you can be part of the real installation when we display it again in the future.

Need more help?
Watch children recording their Love Songs at The Ark in February 2020 in this video from The Irish Times here.

Watch The Ark's Children's Council recording their Love Songs