Winter Light At-Home Art Activities

To encourage children to look at and appreciate the winter season through art making, we have made a series of at-home art activities to accompany our Winter Light programme.

These worksheets have been designed to inspire children to create their own winter-themed artworks, opening up many opportunities for self-expression. They can be used without having seen our Winter Light exhibition, however we would encourage you to view our Winter Light Online Gallery of the artworks here and then complete the activities.

While most of the activities are suitable for all ages – and a good opportunity for the whole family to work together – you may want to choose or adapt the activities that best suit your children’s age and level.

Download Winter Art Activities Now

Create artworks exploring the underground homes that animals make during winter, and make your very own den for a bear!

Winter skies are not all grey and dark. Take a closer look and see what the colours and life of a winter sky can inspire you to create.

Try your hand at art activities inspired by magical creatures and weather tricksters from Irish myths.

Get out into the natural world and start sketching or create your own booklet illustrating the weather on winter days.

Learn how to use tracing paper to create frosty patterns or depict a foggy day.

This set of activities is inspired by the Wild Ireland of times gone by and the Giant Elk and Auk that once roamed these lands...

Winter Light Trail

Take a look at the bespoke Winter Light Trail below which will guide you through the artworks and tell you a little bit more about the artists..