The Giggler Treatment

Subject areas: Drama, English, Visual Arts and Dance
The Ark is proud to present The Giggler Treatment, a marvellous, mischievous new musical based on the novel by Roddy Doyle.

If adults are mean to children, they get the Giggler Treatment. It's smelly. It's squishy. And it sticks to your shoe. But sometimes, just sometimes, the Gigglers make a mistake... Can Robbie, Kayla, Jimmy and Rover the dog come to Mr Mack's rescue before the poo hits the shoe? 

Written and composed by Fionn Foley (Tonic, Fierce Notions), this glorious adaptation of the much-loved novel is teeming with Dublin wit, memorable melodies and belly laughs for children and grown-ups alike.

Jam-packed with big songs and even bigger PONGS, don’t miss the funniest, cheekiest, silliest show in town!

The Giggler Treatment Arts Activities

To bring The Giggler Treatment into your home or classroom, we have created a selection of arts activities for children including crafts, drama and dance.

Think the Gigglers in the show are super cute and want one of your very own? You can make one!

Explore different rhythms by clapping, stomping or through body percussion, and create your own dance inspired by Mr. Mack's biscuit factory in these fun activities created by Róisín Whelan.

Monsters can be funny little fellows. This activity pack looks at what a monster that makes you giggle might look like! Created by Designer Jen Sheperd.