Subject Area: Visual Art
Cartoon Saloon's Wolfwalkers exhibition allows children to step into a world of hand drawn animation and get a glimpse of the vast work involved in creating one of the most magical and beautiful animated Irish films of all time.

Whether or not you can attend the exhibition and take part in our visual art workshops, our Wolfwalkers Classroom Activity Pack is full of great activities to help you explore the film's themes in class.

Suitable for 1st - 6th classes.

The activities in this pack cover the drawing, paint & colour, and clay strands of the Visual Art curriculum. The activities also create opportunities to explore cross curricular links with History in the story and culture in the past strands, as well as story writing, oral and communication skills, listening and responding strands of the Primary Language curriculum.

Animation Video Tutorials

For students with an interest in animation, Cartoon Saloon have created a series of short video tutorials sharing some easy techniques and tips to help children draw characters from the award-winning animated film, Wolfwalkers.