Classroom Resources

We aim to facilitate in-the-classroom learning through the provision of resource packs for as many of The Ark's events as possible. Our aim is to support you in your delivery of the curriculum through arts experiences and activities with your class.

Click on the image of the pack that you would like to download and read.

Current Programme:

There are no classroom activity packs for the current programme.

Previous resource packs:

Beats & Rhythms from Around the World. June 2018

Me & The City - Visual Art. March-April 2018

Monster Music Improv - Music. Oct 2016

BEES! A Musical - Theatre. Feb-March 2016

Tracks in the Snow - Music. Dec 2015 & 2017

Far Away From Me - Theatre. Feb/March 2015

A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing - Music. Nov/Dec 2014

 Ten14 - Music. June 2014

Ark1x1 - Visual Arts. Year long programme in Cavan Sept 2013-June 2014

Annabelle's Star - Theatre. Nov/Dec 2013

Zoe's Play - Theatre. Feb/Mar 2013

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