4-Day Visual Art Camps
26 Mar - 6 Apr 2018
4-Day Visual Art Camps

Be part of the youngest architectural design team in town! During this enjoyable and highly creative camp you will work in groups to plan, design and build a model for The Children’s Quarter, a new urban development and landmark for the city of Dublin.

From brainstorming and then sketching ideas, you will then create detailed drawings and construct 3D models. Working with artist Jole Bortoli, you will be one of the lead architects who will contribute to creating a model city of the future. A city every child would want to live in and urban planners would want to consult you about.

  •  “Architecture begins with an idea.” Louis Kahn, Architect
    You will learn about some of the most well-known architects of today, where they get their ideas from and how they transform ideas into inspiring built spaces.
  • “Architecture is frozen music.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Writer.
    You will contribute to design and build models for built spaces that are in harmony with its youngest inhabitants and its environment.
  • “In a city the atmosphere is all around you and is ever changing.” Alvaro Siza, Architect
    Not only will you be the architect, but also the sculptor, the street artist and the structural engineer who will work to transform a hypothetical area of the city into a colourful and vibrant space.

A detailed day-by-day schedule for the 4-day camps will follow at a later stage.

Please note that this is a 4 day course for children aged 8-12. Individual days cannot be booked. In the interest of the best possible experience for all participants, we ask that you respect the age guide.

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