Ten14 - The Single

Moya Brennan (Clannad) and Cormac De Barra (Harper) perform their theme song for ancient Irish hero Brian Boru. Ten14 was specially commissioned by The Ark to commemorate 1000 years since his famous victory at the Battle of Clontarf.

Ten14 uses gorgeous music and lyrics in both Irish and English to evoke the adventures of Ireland's first High King, Brian Boru, and his love of the harp. Both Moya and Cormac were fascinated by the history of Brian Boru as children. They also shared with him a love of the harp which furthered their interest in the man, the music and the myth. Brian Boru's 'March' was one of the first pieces both Moya and Cormac learned on the harp and they jumped at this chance to celebrate the hero himself, his last battle, his harp and to bring his story to life through music and song.

Moya hopes that Ten14 will introduce the next generation of music lovers to the importance of Celtic history and culture: "I love history and this is a great story, so for me it made sense to come on board. It's nice to be able to relate this to young children through music and bring them on a journey through song; and it's important that children are aware of who Brian Boru was and what he did"

Moya and Cormac have been generous enough to waive any royalties on sales of this single so that The Ark can benefit from all proceeds to support our work for children.

You can download the song via iTunes or CD Baby or Amazon