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5 Day Animation Camp: Making the Film 8 - 12 Aug 2016

Become part of an animation film production team in this hands-on practical course and be part of creating a short film! For Ages 8-12

After this five day camp, you will have a great understanding of the practicalities involved in making a short cut-out animation film. and by the end of the week you will have produced enough footage for a 1-3 minute long film to be proud of!

On the first day of the camp, you will be shown examples of cut out animation to inspire you and to illustrate the possibilities of the medium. You will learn brainstorming techniques which you can use to generate story ideas and learn how to create a visual plan of the story for the screen through storyboarding. Guided by the facilitators, you will learn how to build functional characters and sets, and how to animate them under the camera. You will also gain some hands on experience in the use of Animator HD, a computer program used to create stop motion animation.

Day 1: Scripting and Storyboarding a film: The day will begin with a talk introducing the idea of cut out animation. Selected clips of short films will be screened. The children will be split into two groups and each group will work with one facilitator to create a short film over the course of the week. You will learn brainstorming techniques which you will use to help them conceive of a story for the film. When the story has been finalized, a storyboard of the film will be drawn up.

• Day 2: Building Sets and Characters: Characters will be designed on paper and then built as 2D puppets made of card and other assorted materials. Backgrounds and props will also be designed and then created using paint, card and a variety of materials.

• Day 3-5: Animating: Students will begin animating their way through the film, using the technique of cut out animation.