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5 Day Summer Camp - Intro To Animation 11 - 29 Jul 2016

In this engaging camp, you will work in groups to create, storyboard and animate short animated films using a different technique every day. For Ages 8-12.

During these 5 fun-filled days, you will try sand, hand drawn, plasticine stop motion, pixilation and cut-out techniques. The camp will expand your concept of what 'animation' is, while developing your working knowledge of the principles of animation. At the start of each day, you will be shown short animated films as examples of the technique being explored. There will be two animator facilitators to guide the groups from the scripting stage to the creation of the final animation each day.

Types of animation to be covered:
• Sand Animation: You will work in groups to storyboard a short piece of animation and then animate it using sand on a lightbox beneath a camera.
Pixilation: You will work in groups to plan, storyboard and execute a short piece of animation using the stop motion technique of pixilation. Pixilation allows students to bring inanimate objects to life and interact with them in front of the camera, creating animations which defy the laws of physics.
• Hand-drawn Animation Exercises: You will design a character on paper and then animate its transformation into another character from the group. In the end they are all combined to create a looping piece of shape shifting animation.
• Plasticine Animation: You will work in groups to plot, build and film a short animation using plasticine to make characters and coloured card to make the backgrounds.
• Shadow Puppet Animation: You will work in groups to plan and storyboard a short animation. The will then create 2d silhouette puppets and animate them on a lightbox.