At Home Alone
19 May - 20 May 2017
At Home Alone

Dublin Dance Festival and The Ark present a children's dance show for ages 6+ from Balletto di Roma (Italy)

Using unique video interactions, this multimedia dance show encourages young audiences to discover fun new ways to get creative with technology. Like a hall of mirrors, two dancers use a computer on stage to distort their own images on a big screen, playfully expanding and contracting the space and their bodies in a surprising visual game. Children can give it a try themselves during a period of guided interactive play at the end.

Alessandro Sciarroni is one of Europe’s most sought-after choreographers and is currently Associate Artist at Balletto di Roma. With a soundtrack of classic hits that adults will love too, this fun and imaginative show is a winner for all ages.

Part of Dublin Dance Festival 2017

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Attending this performances with your class will have relevance to the Dance strands of the physical education programme including Viewing & Appraising Dance PerformanceObserve, Discuss, Analyse; Interpret & Enjoy the Performance of Movement and Developing Artistic and Aesthetic Understanding.