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BigKidLittleKid 27 - 29 Sep 2019

Are you a big kid or a little kid? Or both? Find out as we welcome Anna Newell to The Ark with the world premiere of her new non-verbal show for Ages 3-6.

BigKidLittleKid is a quirky, playful, energetic and engaging look at being on your own and being with someone else; and how size can really matter.

BigKidLittleKid promises to delight and enchant its audiences with its unique and wordless take on the complicated world of sibling rivalry.

Created by Anna Newell, described by The Guardian as “a hero of children’s theatre” and by the Irish Times as an “early years theatre pioneer” with music by David Goodall, with whom Anna has created shows for early years audiences that have been seen on 5 continents and off-Broadway.

Presented in partnership with Dublin Theatre Festival as part of the Theatre for Children season in DTF 2019

Curricular Links...

Attending and reflecting on theatre performances with your class will explore many of the key strands of the Drama and English curricula, particularly in relation to: examining the relationship between story, theme and life experience; using insights arising out of dramatic action to draw conclusions about life and people; receptiveness to language; competence and confidence in using language; emotional and imaginative development through language; reflection on drama and listening and responding.