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Colour! 15 Jul - 23 Aug 2015

Step into The Ark this summer and experience a world full of COLOUR! Let us guide you through our interactive exhibition that brings to life the fascinating stories of creating and using colour in all its forms.

Enter the alchemist’s den and hear stories of the colour-makers of time past and present. Admire the intricate illuminations and the mysteries of a monk’s scriptorium. Be dazzled by the beauty of stained glass and then explore the artist’ studio and other enticing places where colours work their magic.

At the end of the tour you will become an artist as you move into our workshop of colour where you will create your own piece of artwork inspired by one of the themes in the exhibition, guided by a professional artist. There will be a different workshop option each week, please see options below.

Workshop Session Schedule:

All workshops are designed for ages 4+ (and grown-ups will enjoy them too). There is a different workshop option each week.

The Story of an Apple!

Painting Still Life Scenes
Wed 19 - Sun 23 Aug

Colour! at The Ark. Not Just a Bowl of Fruit workshop option.

At first glance, still life paintings can seem like a random mix of objects, but look closely and a hidden message or story may be revealed! Taking your inspiration from our favorite still life paintings, your group will choose from a selection of objects in our workshop to create your own still life scene that tells a special message or story. Artist Orla Kelly will show you how to light your scene to create light and shadow and you will then create a painting of your scene to take home with you.

Autism Friendly Sessions

There will be two specific autism friendly sessions of the Colour! experience on Fri 17 & 31 July at 10.30am.

Autism friendly sessions are aimed at families or groups with children who are on the autism spectrum or those who have sensory sensitivities. These will be relaxed sessions for the whole family, tailored for the comfort of your child.

An autism friendly information pack, with photographs and a synopsis of the session which may assist your child to prepare for the performance, will be available in early July.

For further information please contact The Ark on (01) 670 7788 or

Check out the Colour! Promotional trailer!

COLOUR! At The Ark this Summer.

Our Summer Season 'COLOUR!' is now open! Take a sneak peek of the programme this new video.Perfect for family days out, step into The Ark this summer (July 14 - Aug 23) and experience a world full of COLOUR! Let us guide you through our interactive exhibition that brings to life the fascinating stories of creating and using colour in all its forms. #ArkColour

Posted by The Ark, Dublin on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Previous Workshop themes: The Colour of Light...

Discover the magic of stained glass
Wed 22-Sun 26 Jul

Colour! Colour of Light workshop options.

Stained glass windows tell us stories as they drench us in a vibrant pool of coloured light creating a sense of beauty and wonder. Artist John Kavanagh will help you to make your own art piece inspired by stained glass. Using special paper you will design, cut and paste colourful shapes on a transparent film and bring it home to hang on a window and let the light create its magic!

Previous Workshop themes: Rhapsodies in Blue (and pink, and yellow)...

Painting the colours of music
Wed 29 July - Mon 3 August

Colour! at The Ark. Rhapsodies in Blues (and pinks and yellows)

What images and colours do you see when you listen to a piece of music? And can you imagine what music you hear when looking at a painting? In this imaginative workshop, have fun listening to music and then try to visualize the sounds you hear in colours, lines and forms. Artist Jane Groves will help you to create an original musical painting for you to take home!

Previous Workshop themes: My Name is Gold...

The Art of Book Illumination
Wed 5 - Sun 9 Aug

Colour! at The Ark. My Name is Gold workshop option

Valuable medieval manuscripts were made even more precious by ‘illumination’, the use of bright inks and gold that ‘lit up’ the hand-written pages and embellished initial letters. During this workshop you will work on a page of your own design inspired by western manuscripts like The Book of Kells and Persian miniatures. Artist Paula Henihan will show you how to use brilliant inks and gold paint to ‘illuminate’ your own precious artwork to bring home and treasure.

Previous Workshop themes: The Master’s Apprentice...

Learn the secret of making your own colours!
Wed 15- Fri 17 July & Wed 12-Sun 16 Aug

In the past, artists made their own paints and were very secretive about the tricks of their trade. In order to learn from them, apprentices lived in the studio of their masters for years, grinding pigments, preparing canvases, and helping their masters with their paintings. In this workshop for all the senses, led by artist Jole Bortoli or Joanna Zmuda, children and adults will work together grinding and binding pigments using natural binders like egg’s yolks, oil or honey and use them to create a family artwork ‘fresco’ painting to be proud of.