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Creative Music-Making with Ernst Reijseger 9 Feb 2019

Invent your own music and crazy sounds with the help of Dutch cello virtuoso Ernst Reijseger. This is a very special opportunity for children to experience the energy and imagination of Ernst while he visits Ireland for the Spike Cello Festival.

Not only does Ernst perform with his cello all over the world, he is also an amazing improviser – that means he loves making up music on the spot! He will show you that you can too in this fun creative workshop. Working as a group you’ll be delighted with the music you will make with his help and with your own musical imagination.

Children of all music abilities and experience are welcome to participate including beginners. If you happen to play an instrument, you can bring that along too.

About Ernst Reijseger...

One of music’s greatest crossover specialists, Ernst Reijseger is an out-and-out improviser who began playing the cello at the age of eight and first studied the classical repertoire for his instrument. On the Dutch free jazz scene, he soon began to develop his own musical style. In the end, his teacher, the famous cellist Anner Bylsma, advised him to abandon his studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory and go his own way. Today Ernst Reijseger enjoys international success as a cellist, improviser, composer and performance artist. Audiences and the music press are both unstinting in their praise and express equal admiration for his virtuosity and his creativity. In his musical cosmos, classical music comes face-to-face with contemporary music, jazz, folk music, ethno music and pop. The unconventional master cellist gives solo concerts not only on four-string but also on five-string cellos, composes film music (in particular, for several films by Werner Herzog), performs with the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra and works closely with many other crossover artists. Several CDs on the Winter & Winter label pay tribute to his artistic endeavours.