Culture Night at The Ark 2017
22 Sep 2017
Culture Night at The Ark 2017
Culture Night at The Ark 2017

This culture night, as organisations across Ireland throw open their doors for free-events, The Ark presents a mini music performance trail in our unique building.

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, with two performances included. Capacity is strictly limited.

Performance 1: Toy Piano mini-concert
The toy piano is an intriguing instrument - a really small piano which has a whimsical look and sound.  The famous American composer John Cage brought the instrument into the public eye with his piece Suite for Toy Piano which remains a favourite among performers. Recently the instrument has become popular again with many contemporary composers writing music for it. Our concert is performed by pianist and composer David Bremner and also has some extra instrumentation in the form of a mechanical music box.

Musical Director: Johnathan Nangle
Performed by: David Bremner (toy piano)
Composers: David Lang, David Bremner and Jonathan Nangle

Performance 2: Swells and Shoots mini-concert
A dynamic cello and viola duo create a performance based on a short piece of music by composer Judith Ring called Swells and Shoots. The music has a lot of fun sounds in it with the musicians playing the instruments in unusual ways to create crazy sound effects as well has having lots of great melodies.

When the composer wrote the music she was inspired by how plants like vines and creepers grow by twisting, grabbing, swelling and shooting off in different directions. Our two performers will use these kinds of movements as they play, moving between solo and duo music moments.

Devised and performed by: Kate Ellis (cello) and Lisa Dowdall (viola)
Composer: Judith Ring

Our Culture Night events are now fully booked. But do take a look at to see what else is going on for children and families.

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