Interactive Music Installations: Curious Cellos and Invisible Trumpets (IE) 31 Mar - 2 Apr 2023

Discover three fun and quirky electronic sound installations by composer Jonathan Nangle.

Children and grown-ups will be equally intrigued and delighted. Come on down to look, listen and play ... you know you want to!

The Curious Cello

Discover an unusual cello you can play without having taken any lessons! Jonathan has taken the body of an old, broken cello and brought it back to life – but it’s not quite the same as a normal cello anymore! It now has special paint on the outside that not only looks cool but also conducts electricity. This means you will be able to make this cello play lots of new and unexpected sounds using just your hands. Come and try it out and see what kind of weird and wonderful new cello music you can make!

Take a look at The Curious Cello in action...


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be one of the musicians onstage, right in the mix of things, listening and reacting to the players around you? Quintet is a high energy sound installation that allows you to do just that!
Want to know what the TUBA player is doing? Then take their seat!
Want to hear how the FRENCH HORN interacts with the two TRUMPET players? Well then rustle up two friends and find out!

Sound Weaver

Discover a magical quilt that is in fact a musical instrument! Hidden in the stitching and embroidery of the beautiful fabric are special threads and sensors. When you touch them, it will trigger music played by a cello. So, using just your fingers you’ll be able to play overlapping cello music instantly. Come along and give it a try and see if you can unravel the mystery and weave gorgeous cello sounds together.


Part of BIG BANG Dublin!

Thu 30 March to Sun 2 April 2023
Ireland's only international music festival for young audiences returns for what promises to be the biggest bang yet! An adventurous celebration of music of all kinds, BIG BANG Dublin! encourages curiosity and musical discovery with outstanding music performances and intriguing installations from Ireland and abroad.