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Festival Hub: Make, Create, Participate 25 Feb 2023

Be a maker, creator and participator at our Right Here Right Now! Festival Hub where you can visit three unique spaces spread across the entire Ark building!

Right Here Right Now! is all about having your voice heard in relation to your rights! What better way to explore this than playing, experimenting, and creating with different materials.

Find out more about our spaces below.

It’s free to join in!

Watch | The Basement

In the Watch space we have brought together two of everyone’s favourite things – a picnic and a cinema! Sit back and chill out in our relaxing cinema area where there is a digital picnic for the eyes with our selection of videos all about children’s rights.

The Watch space is the perfect place to learn more about what inspired the Right Here Right Now! festival and the fantastic children that contributed to its creation.

Create | The Longroom

Pop into our Create space to have some fun and express yourself in our unique craft and writing zones.

  • Make a badge with a logo or slogan about your rights which you can take with you and wear with pride.
  • Get your creative writing ideas flowing at our poetry tree where you can write a poem about how you feel in relation to your rights.
  • Make a poster, slogan or image that is inspired by your rights and have it transformed into your very own jigsaw with our special jigsaw maker.

Participate | The Gallery

The Participate space is a special area that focuses on who you are and what mark you want to make.

  • Sit and observe yourself and your surroundings in a mirrored haven before using clay to mould a portrait of yourself.
  • Then pop into the Paper Place and let your inner creativity run free. Add colour and drawings to the white surroundings to be a part of the transformation of this colourful installation.