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CANCELLED: How to Attract an Alien to Earth: Visual Art Workshops 14 Mar 2020

Send clues to aliens across the universe to help them find your artistic treasure here in Ireland. Part of our Fly Me To The Moon visual art programme.

Imagine you are sending a space-bottle on a journey through the cosmos that will guide the finder to a specific place back on Earth. It will lead them all the way to our lovely country called Ireland, where a very special object is to be found.

What will your space-bottle look like? Which clues will the space-bottle contain? Which artistic treasure will our extraterrestrial guest be guided to find?

Following your tour of our Fly Me To The Moon space-themed displays, create treasures that will attract an alien to earth in this 3D and mixed media workshop led by Asha O’Neill.

For more information about The Ark's Fly Me To The Moon programme, click here.