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CANCELLED: Francis Footwork 21 - 24 May 2020

The Ark and Dublin Dance Festival present a magical tale about finding the courage to dance your own dance, from the award-winning creators of The Wolf and Peter, CoisCéim Dance Theatre.

Once upon a dance floor, in a kingdom not so far away, lived Francis Footwork...

Now, Francis is no ordinary girl. She is an extraordinary dancer and together with her best pal, the nifty street dancer RightBackAtYa, Francis dances her way through life. But the wicked Colonel Headbanger, trusted advisor to the King, hates dancing and makes it his mission to put a stop to it.

When King Two Lefties ascends to the throne, Colonel Headbanger tricks the kind-hearted new ruler into banning dancing throughout the kingdom. Before long, people start to forget how much fun dancing is, but Francis doesn’t. She summons all of her courage to teach Colonel Headbanger a lesson, get everyone dancing again and bring happiness back to the land.

A magical and empowering fable about doing what you love and staying true to who you are, dished up in a delightful kaleidoscope of energetic music and exceptional dance.

Production Information

Writer, Director & Choreographer: David Bolger
Cristian Emmanuel Dirocie, Ivonne Kalter, Jonathan Mitchell, Emma O’Kane
Music & Sound:
Denis Clohessy
Scenic, Lighting & Projection Design:
Christopher Ash
Costume Design:
Maree Kearns
Hair & Makeup:
Val Sherlock
Hugo Glendinning
Sarah Latty & Bridget Webster