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Schools: The Great Irish Science Book 15 Nov 2019

Join one of Ireland’s most exciting scientists, Professor Luke O’Neill, and illustrator extraordinaire Linda Fährlin for this lively and interactive workshop event inspired by their new book The Great Irish Science Book! Part of Science Week 2019

Taking on this year’s Science Week theme of Climate Action, Luke and Linda will take you on a journey from the very big to the very small – vast galaxies to microscopic atoms - travel through the wonders of the universe, the mysteries of the human body, and the tiny world of molecules. Discover the Irish scientists that have helped to shape our world and find out how to become one yourself – you may even get to try an experiment!

How do we measure the universe? Why do we need plants? How do our bodies repair themselves when we are ill? What species will exist on earth in a million years’ time? Explore and discover the answers to these questions and a lot more in this thrilling and engrossing event packed with fascinating phenomena and heaps of fun facts.

Luke, with his famous wit and energy, will call on children to answer questions, whilst Linda works her illustration magic, drawing suggestions from the audience as the event unfolds.

Presented in association with Dublin Book Festival, these events will be offered for free to designated disadvantaged schools in our catchment areas.