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Hatch: An Early Years Incubator Project 14 - 15 May 2015

Over the course of a week, we are working with three artists to develop some exciting new ideas for events for children aged 2-4. Be part of this process and take a sneak peek!

On the morning of Thursday 14th and Friday 15th May, we have practice sessions from each of the artists involved in Hatch - covering a range of genres including music, visual arts and aerial performance! By participating in the sessions, you will be supporting the artists and The Ark and helping us create and evaluate these new ideas. They will also be a lot of fun!

Liz Seaver - Music

Sessions: Thu 14 @ 12pm (Ages 3-4) & Fri 15 @ 10am (Ages 2-3)

Liz is a singer-songwriter from Dublin and is a passionate and experienced music workshop leader and facilitator. She is a member of the Song School team who run song writing workshops for children and teenagers in schools throughout the country.

Paula Henihan - Visual Arts

Sessions: Thu 14 @ 11am (Ages 3-4) & Fri 15 @ 11am (Ages 2-3)

Paula is an artist and qualified art teacher who has taught for several years in formal and informal educational settings. She has a Master’s in printmaking and makes mixed media art works and installations that focus on themes of science and nature.

Chantal McCormick

Sessions: Thu 14 @ 10am (Ages 2-3) & Fri 15 @ 12pm (Ages 3-4)

Chantal is a trained dancer and choreographer, interested in aerial circus. For the last 12 years she has been performing internationally with both her own company Fidget Feet and others. She loves working on the ground using dance, contact and theatre, and enjoys finding ways to bring these disciplines into the air, using anything to climb or fly on.