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I’m in the Band: Mid-term Music Camp 1 - 4 Nov 2016

Want to be in a band? Not sure how it all works? Come along to this fun music performance mid-term camp and find out! For Ages 8+

There is nothing as much fun as playing music with others in a band! It is what makes music come alive and it is also great for confidence. In this fun music camp, you will be grouped into temporary bands and guided by professional musicians who will teach each band how to sing and play fantastic popular music songs together.

Together, you will invent a cool band name, rehearse and practise the music with your new band-mates until it is really sounding great. Finally, each band will get a chance to perform on stage at The Ark - complete with microphones and stage lights - to wow an audience of family and friends on the last day of the camp.

If you can already play an instrument then please bring it along as we will include that in your band and teach you a simple instrumental part or the chords for your instrument. If you don’t yet play an instrument, no problem - just come along ready to sing your heart out and try out some simple percussion.

Daily schedule:

  • Day 1: You will form a band, get to know your bandmates and begin learn how to play your first song together.
  • Day 2: Learn more songs and how to play them together. Invent your band name and decide your music style.
  • Day 3: Small group sessions for singers/guitarists/keyboard etc. This might even include some group songwriting!
  • Day 4: Performance Day – the last chance to perfect your songs and fine-tune your showmanship!

The camp includes a lunch break each day so children will need to be provided with a packed lunch. This is a 4 day course. Individual days cannot be booked.