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Interactive Installation: Pneumaphones 6 - 7 Apr 2019

Sit, lie or roll on one of the yellow air cushions to activate these fascinating sound sculptures - Each one of them is a strange and unusual wind instrument!

Pneumaphone is a music installation by Godfried-Willem Raes. It is made up of several pneumatically (or air) driven sound sculptures named after ancient Greek and Roman mythological wind gods.

Each sculpture is attached to an air filled pillow that when pressed pushes air through flutes, single reeds, double-reeds, sirens, horns, whistles, membranes or cavity resonators in the sculpture to make sound.

By sitting, rolling or lying on one of the inflated tetrahedron shaped air cushions, you can adjust the air flow and in this way change the musical pitch and intensity of the sound of each sculpture.

This installation has been programmed with the approval of the children on the BIG BANG Dublin Festival Ambassador team!

About Logos Foundation...

Logos Foundation is based in Flanders, Belgium and is a unique professional research and production centre for experimental musics, musical robotics and audio art. Pneumaphone was built according to a design and concept by the Flemish music-maker Godfried-Willem Raes in 1981. Its realisation involved the entire Ghent-based Logos Foundation team and took a few years of research and labour. Since then it has been presented in many different locations and countries.

Big Bang Dublin

About BIG BANG Dublin...

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