Make your own Deadly Dance Track Workshop
28 Oct - 2 Nov 2017
Make your own Deadly Dance Track Workshop

This mid-term, become a dance music producer in this music technology workshop especially for ages 8+. Part of the Bram Stoker Festival 2017

Make great music using just a computer and your own musical imagination. Learn how to use music technology using a programme called Abelton Live that is used in professional music recording studios. Once you’ve got the hang of the basics there will be a chance to try out making your own dance track, or maybe have a go at more advanced options like remixing or mashing up your favourite tracks. After that the sky is the limit as to what music you can make.

Tracks will be recorded and uploaded to Soundcloud so you can easily share it with your friends afterwards. These music technology workshops are led by tutors from Create Sound who are experienced producers, DJs and workshop facilitators.

Laptops, headphones and all equipment provided and no prior experience is needed – just a love of music!

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You will get to create your own music which is brilliant in itself but you will also be getting valuable experience with the latest music software and equipment.  You will have the chance to develop creatively whilst also building technical confidence and developing relevant digital media skills.

Check out these tracks created by children as part of previous workshops that Create Sound have run at The Ark!