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TradGigs for Children: Pólca 4 25 - 26 Jan 2019

Bringing the distinctive driving rhythms and speed of West Kerry trad to the stage, Pólca 4 will showcase their lively take on this unique regional style of Irish music with fun and energetic bilingual gigs for schools and families.

Led by front man Pádraig Ó Sé - button accordion player and RTE Raidió na Gaeltachta presenter - with Gary O’Brien on guitar, Jeremy Spencer on fiddle and Robbie Harris on bodhrán and percussion, the music in this concert will be big on fun and knock steam out of slides and polcas.

Presented bilingually in English and Irish the band’s performances and are bound to delight children of all ages with their lively take on this unique regional style of Irish music.

Part of the TradFest Children's Hub 2019

Curricular Links...

These energetic music concerts will explore the Listening and Responding strand of Music Curriculum in particular in relation to exploring our unique heritage of music through its styles and indigenous Irish instruments. Performances demonstrate for children the particular skill of traditional Irish musicians for learning and performing music from memory. Children will also gain an understanding of regional differences in Irish music and in particular the music style of West Kerry. They will also experience the Irish language being used in the context of a music performance expanding their competence and confidence in oral language use and introducing them to vocabulary specific to music and instruments as well as general oral language development.