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Naturespotting Adventure in partnership with Dublin Book Festival 11 Nov 2022

Join author and illustrator Conor Busuttil for a Nature Spotting Adventure.

Conor will introduce the children to Billy Conker, a young conservationist and invite them to join him on an adventure discovering amazing animals and plants from around the world, while also learning how we can all do our bit to help the planet. From cities to coral reef, and deserts to rainforests, children will learn about different habitats and ecosystems, while helping Billy to spot some animals along the way.

Taking inspiration from Billy Conker’s adventure, children will explore nature, habitats and ecosystems through group drawing activities.

Curriculum Links:

Themes in this workshop tie into elements across the SESE curricula exploring strands such as human and natural environments as well as environmental awareness and care. These workshops will also link into the drawing, looking & responding strands of the Visual Arts curriculum.

About the Artist

Conor Busuttil is a children’s picture book illustrator and passionate doodler. His most recent works include projects for the Blue Peter “Here be Dragons” competition, the exhibition and trail for Kew Gardens and working with Hampton Court Palace to bring their history to life for children. He was recently selected by The Eric Carle Museum as a rising star.