A Playful City @ Me & The City
10 Mar 2018
A Playful City @ Me & The City

Come and meet our friends from A Playful City who have come to join us with their cool, purpose-built 'Pow Wow' area created with the award winning Sean Harrington Architects. The Pow Wow's fun and interactive design breathes life into the consultation process, making consultation meaningful and playful and allows people of all ages to give their ideas and opinions on how play can transform the spaces in their communities.

Throughout our Me & The City programme, we are inviting budding young architects and artists age 2-12 to consider themselves and their city in a series of visual art workshops and two 4-day camps where they will plan, design and create models to transform areas of our city into dedicated children's spaces or to just make some current spaces more playful and child-friendly. The good news is, that you don't have to take part in these paid events to get involved! We need children from all across Ireland to send in their ideas for what they think should be included in an imagined dedicated children’s quarter. These ideas will be added to a growing wall of ideas in our building here in Temple Bar and will be shared at the end of the programme to help inspire architects and town and city planners across the country!

Get involved by sending us your ideas online or you can also come in and see us in this special consultation event on Saturday 10 March! To help us collect and explore all your ideas, we have invited A Playful City to come in and set up their interactive Pow Wow station which allows people of all ages to give their ideas and opinions on how play can transform the spaces in their communities in a fun and relaxed way. On Saturday 10 March between 10.30am-2pm we are inviting you to come into The Ark with your families and share some of your feedback and suggestions for making the city more playful, enjoyable and accessible to all.

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A Playful City is Ireland’s first not-for-profit focused on co-creating a more child friendly, playful and inclusive city. The vision of A Playful City is to reimagine the spaces between the spaces of our city - the laneways, the streets - as purposeful and engaging places that are designed for and with the communities around them. The A Playful City team takes an interdisciplinary approach to their work, engaging in advocacy and action projects to make this vision a reality. You can find out more about them at www.aplayfulcity.com