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Poggle 5 - 8 Oct 2017

A warm-hearted sensory dance theatre piece with live music, clapping rhythms and comedy throughout in an imaginatively changing world which the children have the chance to explore.

Mischief maker, maker of fun
Tumble tumble, tickle my tum
Beasties beasties, buzzing bees
Poggle’s not scared of climbing trees
Splash splash, squelch in mud
Creeping crawling, chasing bugs.

Vince really wants to explore the forest but is too scared, until one day he meets a friendly creature called Poggle. Together they go on an adventure through the forest where they discover the magical musical tree.

Part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

Curricular Links...

Attending and reflecting on theatre performances with your class will explore many of the key strands of the Drama and English curricula, particularly in relation to: examining the relationship between story, theme and life experience; using insights arising out of dramatic action to draw conclusions about life and people; receptiveness to language; competence and confidence in using language; emotional and imaginative development through language; reflection on drama and listening and responding.

About Dublin Theatre Festival...

DTF is celebrating it's 60th birthday this year and takes place in venues accross Dublin from 28 September - 15 October 2017. See full details of the festival at