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Online Crafts Club for Schools: Draw With Wool 22 Apr 2021

Join us from your classroom to make pictures out of wool in our online Crafts Club workshops with Niki Collier.

If you've never tried drawing with wool, you're not alone! Well, now is your chance to have a go at this fun way to create a unique and beautiful artwork with your class. All you need is a few colourful wool fibers, a few drops of warm water and some flakes of soap. Create an abstract image with felt, taking inspiration from the landscape or the sky above.

Join textile artist Niki Collier and transform wool into a picture. Felt together the many colours you see to create your own textile image.

Requirements for Participation

For safety reasons, a teacher must be present in the room throughout the workshop and be available to assist the children as needed.

  • A computer/laptop with internet access
  • A digital whiteboard (or alternatively a white wall and projector).
  • Speakers
  • To ensure a smooth and successful workshop, The Ark staff and the artist will also need to arrange an advance preparation phone call with the class teacher.

Materials required:

  • Each child will need to bring a hand towel from home
  • One milk bottle carton cleaned and filled with warm water between 4 children
  • Teachers will need to make a small pin in the lid of the milk carton
  • Washing up liquid (a few drops added to each carton)

The remaining materials needed will be sent to your school ahead of the workshop and each child will receive an individual pack of materials.

Note to teachers: Please do not hand out materials until directed by the artist during the workshop

Online platform: The workshop will be delivered using the Zoom video call software.This will be a private Zoom session which will only be accessed by the teacher whose class is booked into the workshop, the artist and The Ark's staff. The session will be recorded for the safety and security of all participants, however this recording will not be shared publicly and will be deleted within 30 days.

Niki Collier 600

About Niki Collier

Niki is a textile woman from Dublin 8 who has a textile wonder nook in Marlay Park. She loves making and sharing ideas and giggles with artists of all ages.