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Schools: Get Animated! 9 - 24 Jun 2016

Perfect for school tours, this fun and engaging animation workshop experience can be delivered in English or as Gaeilge. For 3rd-6th Class

Over the course of the session, your class will learn about the process of making animated films. They will discover some of the stages involved in the making of Cartoon Saloon’s feature film Song of the Sea, and will then create their own sea themed animations.

Before the workshop, your class will be given a short tour of our Song of the Sea exhibition. Full of original drawings, prints, storyboards and animation, this exhibition provides an imaginative and accessible insight into the movie-making process. This is a chance to find out what was involved in creating an Academy Award® nominated film!

In the workshop, each child will participate in three different animation activities with animators from Paper Panther Productions led by Pádraig Fagan.

Flipbooks - They will create their own individual sea themed flipbooks – proving that not all animations need cameras and equipment!

Hand Drawn Stop Motion - Working in groups, each child will invent and draw their own character on paper. They will then learn how to morph their character into another one from the group using 5-7 drawings. This will create a fun loopable animation of shape shifting characters.

Pixelation Stop Motion - In groups, the children will explore techniques to bring inanimate objects to life and interact with them in front of the camera. The resulting
animations will defy the laws of physics!

Please note: There will be a short 10 minute break during the session. Please ensure children bring a small snack.

Learning Outcomes & Curriculum Links

The tour of exhibition will give the children an overview of the process involved in making an animated film. They will then gain a practical understanding of how moving images are created through making their own animations, from lowtech camera-less methods like the flipbook, to the more technically sophisticated stop motion technique of pixilation.

This session aims to promote digital literacy skills through creative media technology and is aligned with the drawing strand of the visual arts curriculum.

About Paper Panther Productions

We are really delighted to team up with the talented animators from Paper Panther for these workshops.

Paper Panther are an Irish animation company, founded by filmmakers Carol Freeman, Eimhin McNamara and Pádraig Fagan. In addition to creating short films, commercials and illustrations, they have been facilitating animation workshops for both young and old, across the country since 2009. Films produced in their workshops have won awards at film festivals around the world.

Song of the Sea: The Exhibition

Get a behind-the-scenes look at this visually stunning film. Take a look at some of the artwork that tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – as they embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic.

Why not watch the film with your class before your trip to The Ark?

The Exhibition is curated by the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny in collaboration with Cartoon Saloon and designed by Designgoat. The exhibition is supported by Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Bespoke & Co.