Schools: Songwriting & Digital Tools Workshop
15 Jun - 22 Jun 2017
Schools: Songwriting & Digital Tools Workshop

Your class will learn and discover how to write original songs with the support of music technology tools in this up-to-the-minute workshop led by the Songschool musicians Peter Baxter, Kevin Carrick and Liz Seaver.

Starting with fun music warm-ups, the group will then be guided in creating lyrics and music for a new anthem for their class. If there’s time we may write more songs on other themes too. In the process your class will get to explore song structure, composing, arranging and performance. Music technology will be used to help support the songwriting process including Garage Band and Music Memos. 

Peter is an accomplished songwriter as well as an Apple Distinguished Educator and founder/director of the music education company Songschool. These workshops are based on songwriting (words & music) and will include performance and music technology elements. There is a strong focus on collaboration, creativity, confidence building and self-expression with the students. The ability to play an instrument is not necessary just the willingness to join in and give it a try.

We will also record a live demo audio recording of the song at the end of the workshop which will help you remember the song afterwards and you can share it if you wish using SoundCloud.

There will also be a chance for classes to enjoy our Interactive Installations: Music, Movement & Light.

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This workshop is an ideal opportunity to explore all three strands of the music curriculum with a particular emphasis on Composing and Performing through the embedded improvisation, creation and participation approach of the workshop. The children will also engage in listening and responding to each other’s ideas throughout the composing and performance process and will be invited to reflect onand discuss the songs created. In addition children and teachers will get the opportunity to see how accessible new music technology apps can enhance and support music-making for all levels of ability. The visit to the music installation will offer a further exploration of sounds which will enhance the music learning in the workshop.