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Schools: The Lea Larsen Trio 29 Nov 2019

To celebrate St. Andrew's Day, the Scottish Government in Ireland once again presents a special one-off music gig for schools at The Ark.

In honour of Scotland’s national day, we are delighted to welcome the Lea Larsen trio - three musicians from three different countries all now living in Scotland and brought together by a shared passion for traditional music.

Alongside Lea, flute and whistle player Tiernan Courell and guitarist Jean Damei will perform traditional Irish and Scottish music with an exciting modern and international twist bound to engage young audiences!

Lea Larson hails from Denmark but is based in Glasgow and has a first class honours degree in Irish music from University of Limerick. Lea tastefully blends Scottish and Irish grooves with Nordic styles into unique and adaptable percussion sounds that add new dimensions to her music.

Tiernan stems from county Sligo, but moved to Glasgow to further pursue music and create a modern sound rooted in traditional music. Jean, originally from Ardéche in the south of France, initially studied jazz guitar until he moved to Ireland where he graduated with a Bachelor and Masters in Irish music. Jean has since moved to Glasgow where he can also be found performing with his other bands Fourth Moon, Event Horizon and Sarah Markey Trio.

This gig is made possible by Scottish Government Innovation and Investment Hub in Ireland and Live Music Now.

About Live Music Now
Live Music Now is the leading musicians’ development and participatory music organisation in the UK. Created by Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker in 1977, every year, Live Music Now musicians deliver thousands of interactive music programmes in care homes, hospitals, schools and a range of community and healthcare settings. They also work in special schools, where music can make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families. Their specialist support and training provides young musicians with skills and employment at the start of their professional careers, across all genres of music.