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Seedlings Early Years Workshops: The Last Straw! 1 - 2 Mar 2019

Our Early Years Artist in Residence, Lucy Hill explores construction using paper straws in this engaging workshop for ages 2-4.

Explore how you can draw and create shapes using with hundreds of paper straws as a drawing and construction material.

Straws are a simple yet very versatile material which can create lots of exciting shapes and over the course of these workshops, we will create a sculpture made of straws that will build up over the two days to eventually fill The Ark’s gallery space with a giant artwork made of straws.

You will make your own straw lines and shapes, along with objects that you can then climb under, step over and crawl through. You can also colour on the straws and make some smaller straw constructions that you can take home too.

If you want to be part of the beginning of this process then come along to the Friday workshops. If you want to be part of the middle and the end as the installation gets bigger and fuller then the Saturday workshops are for you!

Our Seedlings workshops offer opportunities to explore materials and the world around them through playful and engaging activities. Ideal for getting little ones (and their grown-up!) imagining and creating together. They are devised and presented by Lucy Hill, the inaugural recipient of The Ark’s John Coolahan Early Years Artist Residency and will be devising and delivering an exciting workshop programme for children in the early years at The Ark from May 2018 until April 2019. Find out more about Lucy here