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Springtime Awakening: Online Early Years Workshops 13 - 27 Feb 2021

Orla Kelly leads this visual arts exploration of springtime through story, colour and shadow puppetry for children aged 2 to 4 and their grown-ups.

Meet Queen Poppy. Poppy stays awake all through winter as the other characters of the forest fall asleep. They dream through the dark winter until spring arrives with its magical colours to make the world look warm and bright once again.

Join visual artist Orla Kelly for an adventure that explores nature, mark making and the beauty of coloured light in this online visual art workshop that aims to nurture little ones' natural curiosity and empathy with the natural world.

Advance preparation for participants:

To make the most of this workshop, you are asked to go on an outdoor adventure to collect items such as sticks, stones, old leaves, pinecones and similar objects from nature. When you get home, transform them into characters by adding eyes, using things like wool or grasses to create hair, or even painting them. You can also use some household items such as spoons, vegetables like potatoes or lovely carrots and turn them into characters. Don't worry if you haven’t made a character in advance - there will be time at the beginning of the workshop, but be sure to have your items ready.

As well as receiving an art park by post, you will need:

  • A piece of card, paper, or surface to paint or draw on
  • Paint with brush or sponge, chalks, any drawing materials
  • A small teaspoon of flour on a saucer

Booking closes at midnight on Sunday 7 Feb for 13 Feb workshops and Sunday 21 Feb for 27 Feb workshops to allow adequate time for your pack to be posted to you. Early booking is advised.

Requirements for Participation

For safety reasons, a parent or grown-up should be present in the room throughout the session, and if necessary be available to assist their child, so you're very welcome to take part in the workshop alongside your child.

  • Computer/Tablet/Phone with internet access for Zoom – placed on a table at children’s eye level
  • A table to sit at
  • Pencils and paper- these can be scraps of paper, card old packaging and any materials you have to hand such as pencils, crayons, makers, paints

Online platform: The workshop will be delivered using the Zoom video call software.This will be a private Zoom session which will only be accessed by those booked into the workshop, the artist and The Ark's staff. The session will be recorded for the safety and security of all participants, however this recording will not be shared publicly and will be deleted within 30 days.

Orla Kelly Headshot

About Orla Kelly

Órla Kelly is a visual artist, creative educationalist and arts manager with a specific practice that focuses on working with and for early years children, aiming to stimulate and support the naturally creative, poetic, philosophical and curious intelligences of the young child. She is the founder and director of Early Childhood Creativity, an initiative that promotes creative thinking and activity in early years children and their parents, and supports artists and educationalists to develop specific and creative ways of working with early years children (0-6 years).