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Story Doodles Family Workshop 18 Jun - 20 Aug 2016

Join Brown Bag Films’ Emmy-Award winning storyboard artist Marten Jonmark and invent your own story, design the visuals and then draw the storyboards! Ages 5+

A ‘storyboard’ is a series of drawings that show the changes of scenes and actions for a movie, television show or animation. In this workshop, Marten will help you to create the storyboards for your very own story.

You will work together as a family to create your story and bring it to life visually on paper. You will decide everything - who’s going to be in your story, where it is set and what’s going to happen! Marten will be on hand to share his expert tips and tell you about his own work in Brown Bag Films.

Each child can make an individual storyboard or you can work on one together.

About Marten Jonmark

Marten has been working in the animation industry since 2002 as an animator, storyboard artist, lecturer and director. He has won two consecutive Daytime Emmys (outstanding individual achievement in animation) for his work on the TV series Peter Rabbit with Brown Bag Films.