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Teddy Bear Story Schools Experience: Literature 19 - 28 Mar 2014

Exhibition and Teddy Bear literature & illustration workshop for Junior Infants - 6th Class

Every bear has a story to tell…

Meet a special collection of well-loved furry faces in this exhibition and workshop experience for schools that celebrates the success of one of the world’s favourite toys. On view in Ireland for the first time, Teddy Bear Story is a touring exhibition from London’s V&A Museum of Childhood, home to one of the world’s finest collections of children’s toys, dolls’ houses, games and costumes. Each school group will participate in a guided tour of the exhibition followed by one of three different workshop options.

Exhibition tour
On arrival in The Ark, your class will take a guided tour of the exhibition where they will be introduced to the origins of the teddy bear, from the very first bears right up to modern day versions. The children will be encouraged to consider how childhood and its associated toys have changed over the past 100 years. They will have an opportunity to discuss how the bears in the exhibition were carefully made of quality material to last a long time, and how they were valued and passed from generation to generation by their owners. The children will then be introduced to some famous teddy bear characters from literature and poetry before commencing their practical workshop.

Workshop Option 2: Teddy Bear Literature and Illustration
Students in this workshop will work with award winning illustrator Steve Simpson to learn how to develop a bear character for their own story.Taking inspiration from the classic bear characters in children’s literature including Winnie the Pooh , Paddington Bear and the bear from Mise agus an Dragún (illustrated by Steve) the children will be encouraged to think about the type of bear character they would like to create, looking at different types of personalities and characteristics, before forming a visual representation of their bear through a variety of illustration techniques. Senior class groups can also work on developing a storyline around the bear that could be turned into a book or cartoon back in the classroom. These workshops are closely aligned to the emotional and imaginative development through language strand and the drawing, paint and colour strands in the curriculum.

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Image: Teddy bear, Dean's Co, 1930s (c) Victoria and Albert Museum, London